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Our Works
We make what you love. We love what we do
With the increasing busy schedules of professionals, families are spreading across the world, people are unable to focus on their personal and family front. This is resulting in stress among the family members with missing harmony. In order to bring all the core family documents, tasks, schedules, finance and budget, on health, education for children & professional career tracking, home management etc., being mapped in ELIVIO making lives elevated. This comes with on line quiz periodic programmes for both students as well as housewives. Aiming to enrich their knowledge. The product is designed for continuous up-gradation for total quality enrichment. ELIVO comes with one account for all family members, first of its kind in India. Hence it is a family Organizer!!
TROVA brings the best work transparency so organizations can focus on ‘planning'. Hassle-free reporting by workforce & even more hassle-free monitoring by management. TROVA finds your business & workforce in super simple way.

ELIVIO bags the Best Mobile App Award!

Your favorite ELIVIO has been awarded as the BEST “Productivity” App @ GMASA’16 (Global Mobile App Summit & Awards) in Bengaluru on 7th July 2016.

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ELIVIO did it again!

ELIVIO has been awarded as 'The BEST Productivity App' @ CMOAsia’16 in Singapore on 4th August 2016.

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ELIVIO is THE BAAP OF ALL APPS. Read about Elivio in Startupedia @IndianExpress on 21st July 2016

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Our amazing team
Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients


Mr.Murthy is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a Post Graduate in 'Materials Management'. A self-motivated leader, Mr.Murthy guides the team towards the goals and desired results, and keeps instilling inspiration in the team.He has 27 years versatile experience in Engineering, Hardware Manufacturing and Pharma,having worked with US FDA accreditation. Mr Murthy has knowledge of various manufacturing processes,systems and procedures, including SAP configuration and implementation,item cataloging for better inventory control,specialized experience in handling projects for timely completion.

Mr.Pavan K.

The youngest of the team,Mr.pavan is 23 year old, B.Tech qualified, self-taught Web designer & Developer. he has always been a meticulous worker. He takes pride in his work and willingness to learn new things and encounter challenges faced in course of demanding tasks. He loves coding, enjoys learning & experimenting with new technologies with a varied skill-set, including HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP / SQL and frameworks / libraries, His coding reflects the performance,Modularity,Scalability & Re-usability coders with to achieve he guides and encourages his fellow members. His dream is to innovate in both Hardware & software.

Mr.Murthy KNVSSN.

A 24 Year old B.Tech Qualified technocrat, Mr.Murthy is a passionate entrepreneur.He believes in the 'Work Smart' attitude concerning the self and the organization alike.Enthusiastic in Business Planing and Product Development .He is an Exemplary team player and is instrumental in directing & achieving organizational goals with efficiency.

Mr.Srikanth U.

Mr.Srikanth is an IT Professional with 9 years of experience and Quality Assurance in BFSI vertical is his forte, and he carries the expertise in Business Analysis gained from his 4 years of work abroad.Willing to participate in and contribute to the current Start-up boom India. He joined hands with skilled technocrats at Invizo.

Mrs.Chandrakala K.

Mrs.Chandrakala has over 6 years of specialized experience in IT. and nurtures an avid interest in the technicalities of latest software applications. She is also a seasoned explorer of business opportunities. She have a zeal for pro-bono work, and remains committed to contributing to society by taking up Corporate Social Responsibilities and taking them forward by motivating the team.She is a investor with INVIZO and serves on the board,bringing overall direction to the group.

Mr.Suresh K.Iyer

Mr.Iyer is a Techno-commercial entrepreneur with vast experience, garnered since the days of IT evolution in India.He has been working with IT majors in building new brands and exploring new markets in India & Overseas. He is now in charge of Marketing and Business Development at Invizo.

Advisory Board
Independent oversight and guidance on IDEAS’ strategy
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    He holds dual degree in Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary. He has expertise in Company Statutory Audits and Tax audit. He comes with 10 years of experience. He is practicing on Chartered Accountancy and guides in all documentation records according to secretarial compliance. His experience includes in Manufacturing sectors, Service, Trading and Charitable & Private Trusts.
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    With BEd & MA, started career as a teacher and now she is running a school named “Kindle Care High School” with a concept of Inclusive Education, where special children are allowed. As her father served in Indian Air force, Poonam had opportunity to travel across India and understand all Indian cultures. She comes with 28 years of experience. She is also an active Social member thru’ Lions club International, COWE (Confederation Women Entrepreneur) and also Rotary Club.
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    Is a prominent Naturopathy Doctor with Post Graduation. He hails from Kerala. He travelled across many countries for propagation of Naturopathy. There run two hospitals under his direct control and supervision in Suburbs of Calicut. Dr Kareem authored more than 9 books in both English and Malayalam on Naturopathy. He has been promoting and propagating Naturopathy since 1989.
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    With MBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology) holding 34 years of experience. He served in Cancer Institute Adyar, Chennai, Pondicherry Health Services, BHEL Hospital, Tata Steel Hospital (Tata Nagar). Dr Sampath is a specialist in treating Intensive Care of patients requiring super-specialized modern medical treatment. He also had experience in teaching DNB (Anaesthesiology) candidates and assist them in writing thesis. Currently at Lifeline Multi speciality hospital at Chennai as a consultant in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit. This is a centre of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.
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